by Durarará!!

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released June 10, 2013

Grabado por Álvaro Gallego en Valeixe (A Cañiza) el 28 y 29 de enero del 2012

Mezcla y master: Álvaro Gallego

Arte y diseño: Beatriz Lobo

Durarará: Nelo, Álvaro, Jacobo

GRACIAS a ti, a Piro Carcomedhi, a Pancho Suárez, a nuestros hermanos de la Metamovida y a Anita por dejarnos grabar en su casa, así como a todos aquellos que cedieron su material para hacer posible este trabajo.




Durarará!! Vigo, Spain

Durarará!! are:

Jacobo - drums

Álvaro - Bass

nelo - guitar, vocals

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Track Name: Cats
For a rush of gold yr smile,
fake as love for money
Join parades of stupid speech
come, my friend, and give yrself too

There´s a man, oh bring yr cats
tongues are storming for a
party night, no neightbours come,
little girls know all yr secrets

Speak to them, make love to me
I ain´t got no business
none to deal with you, cold babe
any smile you give is twisted

Scraps of metal blend yr sound
no suprises give
street lights and skin making the tone
you look much prettier than you looked before.
Track Name: Durarará!! - Kimi ni todoke
It´s broken, yr back´s gone twist and shout
Four losers they make you need it loud
Go loud and scream

No escape! Girl´s a prison and yr shy
No kid ever made you want to cry

For a crazy girl a lonely boy goes loose
for the disconection makes you want to choose

Such a lonely one, a friend´s embrace in tears.
Not so small, it´s sparkles all yr fears,
it´s beauty face
Track Name: The Benefits of Disaster
I enclosed you in my heart,
plaited of pearls in luck of skin,
feathers and bones.

I recall you from my game,
doesn´t ring ´cos it´s not there
music´s loud and fast
faces of your past.

You can save it,
you can keep that shit from me

We may find it
We may chase it underneath
The mess is almost done...

Get the world in both our hand,
do your taste, you are almost there
Anything at all,
it´s a reflection it´s a noise,
it´s the colour of my toys
Thru the open mouth
yr breathing silver clouds

You can save it
you can keep that shit from me
We may find it
we may chase it underneath
Looking for some fun
Ready for some fuzz

Things we lost in streams of time
Wine we spoiled and stuff we piled
Took three hours of my day
left no clue a silent theft
Loads of cash for mice to eat,
took three hours of my sleep.
Track Name: Groundhog Jam
He´s tracing maps to mobster modern clubs
Humble and freak out, he´s a crazy god upstairs
Blind for three days, knocking doors

He sees her and his face feels hot and red,
loosing words, he´s speechless like he was before
Place his feet on shifting sands and...

You don´t need it
He´s grabbing all yr stuff
You don´t need to stop

Sleepy lizard king he´s crawling down yr skin
Static lazy he´s a nowhere boy in yr day
Daytripping wasn´t made for you

Five noons, taste of sugar he forgets
How come we didn´t meet the night before?
"It´s hard to tell" you made me realize
Track Name: Durarararararararararararará!!
Come over to the window
my little darling, I´d love you to
stay negelecting those people
word´s been around
for ages or so.
White spherical blemish
softened in seed of rushes and sand
sank yr feet in the water,
run thru the puddle to the other side.

Come over to the window
I saw you in my dream stepping in sand
Changed it for recolection
that´s not the ocean, is more like a lake.
You were standing on water
your feet were barely sinking in it
heard many conversations
most from the street
before going to sleep.